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Kodama Forest

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​Kodama Forest House Plant Decor Bring Tranquility

​​​What is Kokedama?   Koke (Moss) Dama (Ball)

Kokedama (Ko Kay Da Ma) is a form of plant. Plant is growing out of moss ball. The moss ball is made out with soil to grow plant inside and then covered green preserved moss. It is ancient Japanese botanic technics takes off from Bonsai. Unlike traditional Bonsai, Kokedama can be enjoyed indoor as well as outdoor depend on the type of plant and you can make kokedama with almost any plants. Great way to keep your houseplants close to you. It is a beautiful addition as house decor that bring tranquility to keep inner peace to you.

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Kokedama: Japanese moss balls an easy alternative to bonsai

Bio of Artist..

My Uncle, Fumio Yamada was a Bonsai teacher in Japan and he has greatly influenced on me to start this Kokedama business. It was his strong will to pass on to people how these wonderful small plants play a vital role in providing us a pleasant and tranquil feeling. In his word, "These small plants create small forests, peaceful little earth that are offering us calm and a tranquil mind." ​The business name Kodama Forest was named to reminiscent of forest spirit. Uncle Fumio's words stuck in my mind for a long time and when my father introduced me about Kokedama, I knew that I was meant to be a Kokedama artist and to share my uncle's peaceful world and pleasure with people. Kokedama has been widely known in Japan however it is fading from the culture because there are fewer and fewer Kokedama artists in Japan. It is a beautiful living art which gives a peaceful and calm mind to people. I like to keep this tradition alive and hopefully pass it to future children. My wish is every owner of a Kokedama plant enjoy and maintain the peaceful mind and energy that this small forest spirit ball produces.

Kanako Yamada

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